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Masterclass - The Exploratory Testing Playbook

with Naveen Bhati

Exploratory Testing - is it still relevant in the world of CI/CD, DevOps, and shift-left?

Naveen Bhati
Lead QA Engineer

What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Introduction - the when, what, why and who
  • What Exploratory testing is not?
  • Importance of exploratory testing in the world of CI/CD, DevOps, and shift-left
  • Exploratory testing misconceptions or Debunking exploratory testing myths
  • Exploratory testing techniques
  • Real world example of exploratory testing
  • The Exploratory Testing Playbook

About This Masterclass

In this masterclass you will learn what exploratory testing is and what it is not along with the different techniques available to use for exploratory testing. Furthermore, I will discuss some of the myths around exploratory testing and why exploratory testing is important and still relevant in the CI/CD and shift-left world.

I will further run a mock exploratory testing session on a real world web application to solidify our learnings and to put some of the discussed techniques in practice. This may serve as a guide to exploratory testing sessions.

And finally, I will introduce you to a visual and easy to use guide to run effective exploratory testing sessions - The exploratory testing playbook. The playbook is aimed at empowering individuals to implement and evangelize exploratory testing in their teams or organization.

So let's explore!

Your Speaker

Naveen Bhati

Naveen Bhati

Lead QA Engineer

Lead QA Engineer with a strong focus on a value-driven approach to software development. He has years of hands-on experience from large, highly complex, and safety-critical software development projects, primarily within testing, test strategy, test management, and process improvement, in both traditional and agile contexts.

Your Host

Bart Knaack

Bart Knaack

Tester extraordinaire

Hi all, This me, nothing more, nothing less.... I am frequent speaker at congresses, testcoach and sometimes I host online events... looking forward for to meeting you all