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99-Minute Workshop - Wander with a Purpose: Writing Charters For Your Exploratory Test Sessions

99-Minute Workshop
with Elizabeth Zagroba

Do you chase weird bugs only to forget the purpose of your testing? Stay on track while capturing the roads less travelled using exploratory testing charters.

Elizabeth Zagroba
Team Lead & Senior Test Engineer

What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Practice including all three parts of a charter when describing your mission for an exploratory testing session
  • Discover how writing charters can help you involve the team in prioritizing and executing testing work
  • Apply your new-found charter-writing skills to user stories

About This 99-Minute Workshop

Ever find yourself in the middle of some weird behavior in your software wondering how you got there and whether anyone will care about what you find? Do you get the “why were you even looking there?” question when you report bugs? In my years of practice testing by myself and with others, I’ve seen how easy it is to spend time getting lost in the product without looking for the information you need. Get lost no more! Learn to stay on track while exploratory testing by using charters.

In this workshop, we’ll see how charters keep our exploratory testing focused. We’ll see how writing charters affects what information we uncover, and how to capture ideas for future sessions while testing. And we’ll get a chance to practice writing charters targeted to the risks in specific user stories.


All you will need is a Web Browser, Audio and Video.

Your Speaker

Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth Zagroba

Team Lead & Senior Test Engineer

Elizabeth Zagroba is a Test Engineer and Team Lead at Mendix in Rotterdam. Alongside her everyday work serving her team building a new flagship product, she encourages and supports quality throughout the organization by actively contributing to the mob testing practice, the test guild, and the agile guild she founded. She is one of the organizers of Test Craft Camp, an annual unconference held in the Netherlands. She was the keynote speaker at Let's Test in South Africa in 2018, and she's spoken and given workshops at TestBash conferences and other conferences around North America and Europe. Her article about mind maps became one of the most viewed on the Ministry of Testing Dojo in 2017. You can find Elizabeth on the internet on Twitter, or you can spot her bicycle around town by the Ministry of Testing sticker on the back fender.