London Tester Gathering Workshops 2019 Sponsorship

London Tester Gathering Workshops and the Ministry of Testing are entering our third year of partnership. The workshops have gone from strength to strength, and this year we’ve increased the event to three days. The event will be providing London with three full-day and twelve half-day affordable workshops crafted to offer a wide range of new and important testing topics.

Why sponsor London Tester Gathering Workshops?

  • To promote the fact you are looking to add awesome testers to your team
  • To advertise your recruitment agency to a room full of testers
  • To raise awareness of your company and the testing services it offers
  • To promote your testing tool(s) to the most active testing community
  • To support the Ministry of Testing community and our mission to co-create better testers

Please click the "Download Sponsorship Brochure" button to explore the options we have available. If you want to sponsor or have any questions about the options available, please email us using the email in the sponsorship brochure.