Masterclass: How to Test Data Analytics without knowing anything about Data Analytics with Daniel Hunt

Our next #DojoMasterclass is with Daniel Hunt, helping you understand Data Analytics testing.

This Masterclass is kindly sponsored by Practitest. Practitest is an end-to-end test management tool. With a unique approach to data organization, it is a common meeting ground for all QA stakeholders and enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results. It has a vast array of third-party integrations with common bug trackers, automation tools, and robust API for the rest. Learn more about Practitest

More information about Daniel and the full masterclass description is available below, and please click 'Register' to reserve your free space

This event is now archived. We are working on making this page more useful. If the event was recorded your best place to find it would be on the Learn Page.