TestBash Brighton, the home of TestBash, is back for its 9th year in The Clarendon Centre.

TestBash Brighton 2020 is set to be our biggest software testing conference to date with a jam-packed five days. We’re opening the week with three 3-day courses by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham, Janet Gregory, Dan Ashby and Karo Stoltzenburg. We follow that with 10 half-day workshops and a full day Essentials@TestBash workshop. Concluding the week with our beloved single track conference day, TestBash, where we’ll have ten thought-provoking talks and our new Community Space.

Pro Ministry of Testing members get £50 off the workshops and conference day! Not Pro? Sign up today and save on your TestBash tickets, but also get access to every past TestBash talk, online courses and a whole host more.

Check out the full schedule for the conference dayworkshop day and Community Space over on The Club.

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