Ministry of Testing has partnered with the wonderful Hilary Weaver-Robb to bring you a lineup that is sure to bring learning opportunities for people at all levels in their careers.

We’re opening the week with the 3-day Automation in Testing course with Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham. We follow that with 3 full-day workshops and conclude the week with our beloved single track conference day, TestBash, where we’ll have nine thought-provoking talks and our Community Space for added learning opportunities in the breaks. Workshops will take place in the Marriott. TestBash will be in St Andrews Hall.

Pro Ministry of Testing members get an additional $75 off the workshops and conference day for TestBash Detroit! Not Pro? Sign up today and save on your TestBash tickets, but also get access to every past TestBash talk, online courses and a whole host more.

Check out the full schedule for the conference day over on The Club.