After the huge success of our trial Ask Me Anything with Richard Bradshaw on Automation, we've decided to continue these!

This webinar is going to take the format of an Ask Me Anything forum post. However, it's going to be live and has a theme relating to software testing.

Our host is Simon Tomes, and the person answering the questions is Toby Sinclair on the theme of Coaching. Coaching is a term we hear a lot in software development, but what is it? How do we get better at it? Where can we learn more about it? What is a 'Test Coach'? All potential questions you could ask Toby.

You can read the announcement for the event and format.

Once registered I encourage you to ask some questions ready for the webinar and upvote any questions you'd like to see answered.

The event is free and completely online, click register below to reserve your place and ask some questions!

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