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Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Noah Sussman to answer all your questions.

"DevOps" is a word coined as a portmanteau of the phrase "Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr" which was the title of the 2009 conference talk which revealed that the Flickr team had built a groundbreaking photo-sharing app by putting code into production continuously, with much more telemetry and much less pre-release testing than was thought necessary at the time.

The insight at the heart of DevOps is that risk for online services should be handled differently than historical models of software suggest. Although a decade has gone by, DevOps practices have barely begun to make their full impact on the tech industry; because deep insights take a long time to sink in.

Once registered you could ask Noah any question on DevOps you might have, here are a few examples:

  • Why are feedback loops emphasized in so much of the DevOps literature?
  • What is dogfooding and how is it different from a Beta test?
  • How does Lean Manufacturing (Deming & Ohno) relate to DevOps?

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