We have a new Ask Me Anything live webinar on Tuesday 11th June at 8 pm UK time. This time we're talking about Shift Left, Shift Right.

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Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Marcus Merrell to answer all your questions.

Testing is frequently considered the bottleneck in the traditional development process. When you see a graph of the time teams spend in testing, it looks like a bell curve, with the highest point right at the end, when you'd rather release software than spend more time testing it.

The Shift Left/Shift Right movements, much more than mere buzzwords, seek to "smooth out" the big testing hump that blocks releases, moving testing resources earlier and later in the SDLC. This gives you a more stable, predictable, and confident release process, and removes a lot of the mystery and uncertainty from the process of delivering value to your customers.

Once you've registered you could ask Marcus any question you might have, here are a few more examples:

  • We've all heard of Shift Left, but how do you define Shift Right?
  • What's the biggest barrier preventing dev teams from shifting the test process to the left/right?
  • What do you think will be the next big leap, enabling this shift? Will it be in tooling? Culture? Education?

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