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Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Huib Schoots to answer all your questions.

A Test Strategy is a solution to a complex problem: how do we meet the information needs of our team & stakeholders in the most efficient way possible? A Test Strategy is “a set of ideas that guide your test design or choice of tests to be performed”. Rikard Edgren says: "Test strategy contains the ideas that guide your testing effort and deals with what to test, and how to do it. (Some people say test plan or test process, which is unfortunate…). It is in the combination of WHAT and HOW you find the real strategy. If you separate the WHAT and the HOW, it becomes general and quite useless."

A Test Strategy is the start for every tester and helps you to do the right things, gives testing structure and provides insight in risks and coverage. Developing a Test Strategy is hard and many testers struggle with it.

Once registered you could ask Huib any question on Test Strategy you might have, here are a few examples:

  • What is the difference between a test plan and a Test Strategy?
  • How do I create a Test Strategy? And how do you document your Test Strategy?
  • Who should be involved in creating the Test Strategy?
  • When is the right time in the development process to create a Test Strategy?

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