Testing Ask Me Anything | Testability | Ash Winter

We have a new Ask Me Anything live webinar on Tuesday 12th February at 8 pm UK time. This time we're talking about Testability.

Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Ash Winter to answer all your questions.

Once you've registered you could ask Ash any question you might have around Testability, here are a few more examples:

  • How do I know when something is hard or easy to test?
  • What are the principles of testability and what do they mean to my daily work?
  • Is testability all about systems or are there social and team dynamics at play?
  • How can I convince my team that investing in testability is worth it?

You can read the announcement for the event and format.

Once registered we encourage you to ask some questions on the topic in advance, ready for the webinar and upvote any questions you'd like to see answered.

The event is free and completely online, click register below to reserve your place and ask some questions!

This event is now archived. We are working on making this page more useful. If the event was recorded your best place to find it would be on the Learn Page.