Tips to Improve Collaboration Between Testers and Developers | Franziska Sauerwein & Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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The history of testers and developers working together is a bumpy road. Throughout the evolution of software development, testers have struggled to be treated as equals and developers have lacked the understanding of why they should care. Yet some teams do it well - both roles have a good experience and the resulting software benefits from the different perspectives. In this talk, we share some practical tips on how to improve this in your team.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a software professional with testing emphasis. She identifies as an empirical technologist, a tester and a programmer, a catalyst for improvement and a speaker. Her day job is working with a software product development team as a hands-on testing specialist. On the side, she teaches exploratory testing and makes a point of adding new, relevant feedback for test-automation heavy projects through skilled exploratory testing. In addition to being a tester and a teacher, she is a serial volunteer for different non-profits driving forward the state of software development. She was recently awarded as Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016. She blogs regularly at and is the author of Mob Programming Guidebook.

Franziska Sauerwein
Franzi has worked as a software developer and consultant for about five years in Germany, London and Zurich. Their passions include Test Driven Development, Refactoring, XP techniques and high-quality software development. They are always trying to improve their skills and share knowledge. Franzi uses their skills and creativity to develop software that is reliable, easy to adapt and does what it is supposed to do. As an active member of the European Software Crafter community, they love to participate in unconferences. They co-founded Queer Code London, organise European Testing Conference and speak at conferences all over Europe. They love running code retreats, open spaces, and workshops.