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Testing Ask Me Anything - UI Automation: Pros & Cons

Ask Me Anything
with Suman Bala

All code is guilty until tested.

Suman Bala
Test Lead

About This Ask Me Anything

Suman is a QA advocate with a passion for improvement in quality processes and is a strong believer in Test Automation with nearly 15 years of testing experience. She did not fall into testing by chance instead she choose testing as a career.

When she started working in 2006, software testing wasn’t seen as a skilled job. Her manager told her to go for "Software Developer" role because she can write code”. She wanted to change that thought process, so decided to stick with testing. She has designed & developed various automation frameworks from scratch from middleware graphics library, front-end web & native / hybrid mobile apps.

She has some success and failure stories to share :)

Some example questions and themes you may wish to ask include:

  • It's common saying "UI tests are flaky, how can you make them reliable?"
  • What are the benefits of UI tests?
  • Is it possible to achieve 100% automation?
  • What are the common test automation mistakes and how to avoid them?

Your Speaker

Suman Bala

Suman Bala

Test Lead

Suman is a QA advocate with a passion for improvement in quality processes and is a strong believer in Test Automation. In the past 14 years, she has designed and developed an automation framework from scratch for various products from middleware graphics library, e-commerce and mobile apps. She has honed her capabilities in coaching, mentoring, and team leading, as well as more strategic and technical demands associated with testing. Her mission is to develop teams to transform their thinking, approach, and capability, resulting in a happier and more efficient workforce. She feels proud of how people’s perspective has changed regarding testing throughout her career. She is striving to instil the idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility as opposed to merely laying it at the feet of QA. She is a co-organiser for the Ministry of Testing Leeds meet-up. She is part of multiple initiatives groups at Sky such as women in tech, better allies, grassroots leaders, and co-founder of the public speaking guild. Talk to her about quality first, building inclusive teams, and cooking.

Your Host

Vernon Richards

Vernon Richards

Test Evangelist / Mentor

Vernon has been testing software for 14 years starting with video games on PS2, Xbox and PC. In that time, many changes have occurred in the software development world but testers often still use the trusty old vocabulary of “tests cases”, “pass/fail” and “giving confidence”. Taking advantage of a diverse range of experiences gained on projects such as F1 racing teams, networked gambling machines and others, Vernon helps teams speak in a language the business can understand - no translation necessary!