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UI Automation Week Challenges - Python Edition

99-Minute Workshop
with Carlos Kidman

Let’s get together and solve the UI automation week challenges as a group!

Carlos Kidman

What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Practise creating a basic UI automation check
  • Discover patterns to improve UI automation code
  • Adapt UI automation checks to use visual checking techniques
  • Adapt UI automation checks to run across different browsers
  • Practise automating the UI of a Desktop application

About This 99-Minute Workshop

It’s UI Automation week and to get the ideas flowing and everyone sharing we set out a series of UI automation challenges for you to take part in. Members of the testing community have been working hard on these and getting ready to share their experiences as part of the themed week. However, not everyone wants to work on these challenges alone. Sometimes it’s best to learn with others or with the guidance of someone more experienced.

In this special, one of a kind, 99 Minute Workshop, we’re going to do exactly that. By joining this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to learn with fellow testers and with our instructor Carlos Kidman. During the workshop, Carlos will go through each of the challenges, show you how to complete them and discuss the theory behind the solutions.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to start UI automation or improve their existing UI automation work. For new starters, you’ll learn how to create your first UI automation, adopt good habits when writing code and see what is possible with UI automation after some practice. For the more experienced, we’ll go back to basics to polish up our skills, remind ourselves how to create clean code and then look at how we can expand the reach of our UI automation.

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In this workshop will be using Python, so some knowledge of how to use the language is required which you can get from taking the Introduction to Python Course.

You should also have:

  • Python 3.8.6
  • VS Code or PyCharm (community edition is free)

Your Speaker

Carlos Kidman

Carlos Kidman

Carlos Kidman is the QA Manager at, but who would have thought that Magic the Gathering would introduce him to QA in the first place? Now it’s an integral part of his life. He started in QA Engineering, but quickly moved into Test Automation and grew to appreciate each player and role in the development game. He wants to share the love and joy he’s found with QA and believes that a rising tide raises all ships. Carlos specializes in creating Test Automation Frameworks for UI, Integration, and Service tests, scaling tests and empowering developers and testers with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, and works closely with Infrastructure and DevOps organizations.

Although he is currently a QA Manager at, he is also very active in the community. He is the founder of QA at the Point and QA Utah and is also a board member of DevOpsDays.