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Join The Community Conversation

How do I join The Club?

To join The Club and take part in community forum discussions on all things testing, you need to become a registered member of Ministry of Testing and then log into The Club using your membership login details.

How do I join Ministry of Testing Slack?

Visit https://www.ministryoftesting.com/slack_invite to join our Slack channel and chat about our events and all things MoT.

How do I join testers.chat Slack?

Visit https://www.ministryoftesting.com/testers_chat_invite to join the testers.chat channel and chat about all things testing.

How do I take part in Test Chat events?

Anyone can take part in our Test Chat events on either LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or CrowdChat using the hashtag #testchat. We advertise each Test Chat on our events page, but to make sure you hear about our latest Test Chat event subscribe to our weekly newsletter. To find out more about Test Chat and to view previous events check out our Test Chats series on The Dojo.

How do I take part in 30 Days Of Testing challenges?

Anyone can take part in our 30 Days Of Testing challenges at any time and at their own pace. We also run a month-long community challenge that you can follow and take part in on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn using the #30daysoftesting hashtag. To find out first when the next 30 Days of Testing Challenge is taking place subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

How do I make sure I don’t miss a thing?

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter! We handcraft our newsletter to bring over 50,000 testers the latest testing news from MoT and beyond, to make sure the community hears about all things testing.



Will TestBash be taking Place in San Francisco, Brighton, ALL the places?

Visit our events page to find out when all the upcoming TestBash events will be taking place or subscribe to our newsletter to find out about the latest TestBash first.

Can I submit an abstract to talk at a TestBash?

You can submit to any TestBash location at any time through our Continuous Call for Papers, all cut off dates for each Testbash are listed on that page.

Is there a Ministry of Testing meetup in Glasgow, Munich, ALL the places?

Check out the Meetups section of our handbook to find out more about MoT Meetups and where community members run all the current local meetups.

Can I set up a Ministry of Testing MeetUp in my area?

Yes, anyone can set up and run a MeetUp. As long as you agree with our MeetUp ethos and abide by certain rules which are listed in our handbook. What you’ll get in return for running a MoT branded MeetUp is also listed there. Please get in touch with aine@ministryoftesting.com to set up a MeetUp in your area.

Will The Software Testing Clinic be happening in Manchester, London, ALL the places?

Visit The Software Testing Clinic website to find out more about the clinic and where the upcoming sessions are taking place.

Can I apply to run a Software Testing Clinic in my area?

Yes, you can apply to run a Software Testing Clinic by filling in this form and Mark or Dan will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will Masters of the Ministry workshops be taking place in San Francisco, Sydney, ALL the places?

All upcoming Masters of the Ministry training events are listed on our events page. All of the current training courses available are listed on The Dojo. If enough people from your area register an interest we will bring the training to you! These training courses can also be hosted internally, so if you are interested in having one of the courses at your company please contact richard@ministryoftesting.com.

Can I apply to become a Master of the Ministry?

Yes! The Masters of the Ministry initiative is all about co-creating smarter testers through community-driven training. To apply to become a Master of the Ministry please contact richard@ministryoftesting.com with details about you and your course.

How do I attend a Ministry of Testing online Masterclass?

Visit our events page to find out when the next online Masterclass is taking place, or be the first to find out by subscribing to our newsletter. Our live Masterclasses are hosted on crowdcast.io where you will need register for each Masterclass event. Each masterclass is free to attend live and the recordings of all Masterclasses are made available to Pro members shortly after production on The Dojo.


Dojo Content

I am interested in learning about X, do you have content on this topic?

All content on The Dojo is in the catalog and organised into topics and series. You can search the catalog using keywords in the search field. If you can’t find any content on a testing topic of interest please let us know and we’ll do what we can to design, make and get that content on The Dojo.

I am trying to do X, do you know of any tools or resources that can help me with this?

We have a very handy list of tools and resources on our Resources page. In addition, you can try talking to the awesome MoT Community by adding a topic or replying to a relevant topic on The Club. Or by writing a message on one of our Slack channels. Alternatively, you can ask the Ministry of Testing team by emailing us on hello@ministryoftesting.com

Why can’t I access X bit of content?

Some content on The Dojo is for MoT members only and to access this you will need to sign up for Club or Pro Membership. Club Membership gives you access to select members-only content and The Club, and Pro Membership gives you access to ALL the things!

Can I submit an article to The Dojo?

Yes! You can read more about the advantages of becoming a MoT author in our writers' page and we’ve even written a writer’s guide to help you create an article outline, draft article and submit it to us.

Can I submit a course idea for The Dojo?

Yes! You can read about the benefits of becoming a MoT course creator in our handbook and submit your course idea there too.


Ministry of Testing Membership

What do you get with Club Membership?

With Club Membership you get access to our forum The Club, which is where the MoT community comes together, discuss all things testing, and learn and grow together. You also get access to select members-only content on The Dojo; including testing related videos, podcasts and articles.

How much is Club Membership?

It’s FREE! I know, crazy right?

What do you get with Pro’ Membership?

With Pro’ Membership you get access to ALL the things! This includes The Club and every software testing course, article, podcast, Masterclass recording and TestBash talk recordings on The Dojo. You can also view your learning history and can download any video for offline viewing from The Dojo. And if that’s not enough, you also get huge Pro’ Members-only discounts to ALL our TestBash events and other exclusive offers and discounts!

How much is Pro Membership?

Pro Membership is only £249.99 a year! What a bargain, ai?!

Can I pay for Pro Dojo membership monthly?

Nope, we only offer an annual subscription for £249.99, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee… that’s how certain we are that you’ll love all that MoT professional membership and the community has to offer.

Do I have to renew my Pro Membership annually?

Nope, when you sign up or upgrade to Pro Membership you are committing to an annual subscription that auto-renews every 12-months from the date of purchase. Funds will be taken automatically from the payment details you provide on an annual basis. There are currently no annual payment reminders, so perhaps you could set a payment reminder in your calendar? Please read our terms for more information about the terms and conditions of the service we provide.

Can I cancel my Pro Membership subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account profile. if you cancel, you will continue to have access to all members-only content and Pro benefits until the end of the 12-month period. After this, your account will downgrade to the free Club Membership. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, please see our refund policy for details.

Can I expense my Pro Membership subscription?

Many employers think MoT Professional Membership is key for their software testing employees’ continued professional development and will pay for their employees’ subscriptions. At the end of your purchase, you can download a receipt from your account that you can use to file an expense report.

How much is Team Membership?

Team Membership discounts and benefits are available for teams of 5 users and more. Team Membership discount is tiered and increases with the number of users in your team, see below for details:

Team Membership includes everything in Pro Membership plus the benefit of being able to manage all accounts through 1 subscription and a private area just for your team in The Club forum.

How do I reset my password to my Membership account?

You can change your password at any time in your Account Profile area. If you have forgotten your password you will need to reset it.

Where is my Membership Account confirmation email?

We’re sorry if you haven't received your confirmation email and instructions, you can request them to be resent to you. If you still don’t receive your account confirmation, please email us at hello@ministryoftesting.com with details of your issue and we'll sort it out.

How do I delete my MoT account?

We'll have sad faces if you go but if you must just email hello@ministryoftesting.com with details of your request and we'll sort that for you.



What is the Ministry of Testing Scholarship?

The MoT Scholarship is a fund that was set up by us here at MoT. The Scholarship is half funded by The Scholarship Heroes (awesome individuals and companies) and half funded by us. This fund is used to support both fledgeling testers and active community members to attend and access many of the events and resources we have on offer.

How can I contribute to the Scholarship Fund?

We’re still figuring out how to make this easy peasy, in the meantime please email us at scholarship@ministryoftesting.com with details of what you’d like to contribute and we will work out the best way for you to make your donation.

How can I apply for Scholarship?

Want to attend or access the many events and resources we have, but they are currently out of your reach? Well, just drop us an email at scholarship@ministryoftesting.com and let us know what event you would like to attend or resource you’d like to access and why. If we like it, we’ll be in touch.


How do I get my company added to the directory?

You add your company to the directory by clicking "Add Your Company" in the Directory.

How do I advertise a job?

To advertise a job simply fill in the form on our jobs board, this service is free for direct companies but there is a charge for recruiters.

How can I advertise and what can I sponsor?

Check out our advertise page for all the details on how you can advertise with us and sponsor MoT events and support the testing the community. Please email marketing@ministryoftesting.com for more information or discuss your specific requirements.



Where can I get all the awesome merch?!

Whether it’s for Secret Santa, your tester friend's birthday or you just want to treat yo’self you’ll find something awesome at our Awesome Merch Store.

I’ve bought TestSphere cards, how can I get the most out of them?

TestSphere has many uses, including RiskStorming and lots of other fun, educational testing related games. But, why stop there? Come up with your own game and share it with the community on Twitter or on The Club, where others have shared their ideas. Some members of the community have even shared their storytelling TestSphere Challenge on The Dojo.


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