Automating Your Test Cases with Allure Testops

10th January 2024
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George I

Allure Testops tech support lead, and stuff @ Qameta Software Inc.

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Talk Description

Learn how to leverage Allure Testops for automating manual test cases seamlessly. 

This session covers the process of creating a manual test case, adding metadata such as tags and information about the microservice, and then transitioning it into an automated test without the need for explicit API calls or manual intervention. 

George demonstrates the integration with Intelligent IT, showcasing how Allure Testops automatically recognises the automated test results, updates the test case details, and eliminates the need for additional steps in syncing information with the TMS system. 

The system efficiently handles updates, allowing users to focus on verifying test results and making the transition from manual to automated testing smoother.

  • Gain insights into the workflow of automating manual test cases using Allure Testops, from creating manual tests to seamlessly transitioning them into automated tests without manual API calls.
  • Understand the integration capabilities of Allure Testops with tools like Intelligent IT, enabling automatic recognition of automated test results and efficient updating of test case details without manual intervention.


Allure Report's profile'

Allure Report

Allure Report is a powerful Test Reporting Tool that generates clear, detailed, and visually engaging testing reports for automation projects in minutes.

With its intuitive interface and detailed insights, Allure Report enhances test result visualisation, making it easier to analyse test outcomes. It is designed to be language and framework-agnostic: Allure supports over 100 test frameworks and integrates seamlessly with all the popular testing tools and CI/CD pipelines.

With the ability to create attachments and customise report appearance, Allure Report improves collaboration and decision-making within development and testing teams, enabling better communication of test results and efficient debugging and issue resolution.

Allure Report is a testament to the power of open-source collaboration. Developed by the community, maintained by QAmeta Software, and loved by developers!
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George I

Allure Testops tech support lead, and stuff @ Qameta Software Inc.

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