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Mega Function – One Function To Rule Them All
Posted: February 15th 2021 04:09 | Author: Yoni Flenner
Built-in Cloud Reporting Tool for Pytest and Unittest
Posted: February 15th 2021 06:53 | Author: David Goichman
Apple’s ARKit: Unique features delivering an immersive experience
Posted: February 15th 2021 08:35 | Author: Hariharan RK
A Summary of the Mobile App Testing Trends Report 2021
Posted: February 15th 2021 12:28 | Author: Dinakar R
Manage Open Source Risk but keep Engineers Empowered
Posted: February 15th 2021 13:10 | Author: Cigniti Technologies
Offshore outsourcing QA Services: An Evolutionary Perspective
Posted: February 15th 2021 13:48 | Author: Ran Rachlin
Live With MS Teams App Integration, New Browsers, and More!
Posted: February 15th 2021 21:58 | Author: Salman Khan
Error # 6 – Confusion in the Kitchen – or not Specifying Content-Type or Accept Header
Posted: February 15th 2021 23:21 | Author: Guest User
End-to-End Testing for Sauce Visual Solution Now Available
Posted: February 16th 2021 00:00
Thunderhead Speeds Quality Delivery with Applitools
Posted: February 16th 2021 07:15 | Author: Michael Battat
A new experience on Usersnap: adding more context and improving efficiency for user feedback workflows
Posted: February 16th 2021 07:44 | Author: Ashley Cheng
Quantifying the cost of fixing vs. preventing bugs
Posted: February 16th 2021 09:03 | Author: Lynda Gaines
Six Points to Help You Choose the Right Test Automation Tool
Posted: February 16th 2021 09:29 | Author: pagetraffic
For the Love of Problem Solving
Posted: February 16th 2021 09:44 | Author: Renée Elizabeth Mineart
How to specify hierarchical data? #GivenWhenThenWithStyle
Posted: February 16th 2021 11:03 | Author: Gojko Adzic
Shift-left Testing in Financial Services | mabl
Posted: February 16th 2021 13:00 | Author: Bridget Hughes
Breakpoint 2021 Speaker Spotlight: Rotem Mizrachi-Meidan, Wix
Posted: February 16th 2021 13:58 | Author: Neha Mestry
Progressive Web Apps And The Future Of Mobile Web
Posted: February 16th 2021 15:31 | Author: Ritesh Shetty
Don’t let AppSec tool overload slow down your development
Posted: February 16th 2021 15:45 | Author: Taylor Armerding
Matt is Testing
Posted: February 16th 2021 19:11 | Author: Matthew Caponigro
You probably don’t need a micro-frontend by Colin Eberhardt
Posted: February 17th 2021 00:00 | Author: ceberhardt@scottlogic.com (Colin Eberhardt)
The Code, the Test, and the Responsibility
Posted: February 17th 2021 04:47 | Author: Alan Page
Hybrid Apps or Cross-Platform? The right strategy for Retail Mobile Apps in 2021
Posted: February 17th 2021 05:20 | Author: Praveen Narayan
Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: Facade
Posted: February 17th 2021 06:50 | Author: Anton S. Angelov
Working with Cookies in Selenium Automated Tests
Posted: February 17th 2021 08:40 | Author: Andreea Draniceanu