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Setup Jenkins Master Slave Configuration on AWS
Posted: October 18th 2020 12:58 | Author: Bijan Patel
Defect Tracking: 5 Common Reasons for Bug Rejection
Posted: October 18th 2020 11:15 | Author: Sri Priya P Kulkarni
Tricentis Academy’s Agile approach is recognized by TSIA STAR Awards
Posted: October 17th 2020 21:27 | Author: Tricentis Team
A new machine learning approach for your Elastic Stack
Posted: October 16th 2020 18:09 | Author: Gavin Cohen
XUnit Testing Tutorial: Running First Script in XUnit
Posted: October 16th 2020 16:26 | Author: Himanshu Sheth
6 types of testing that e-commerce apps need
Posted: October 16th 2020 16:13 | Author: Ramit Dhamija
Synopsys’ Seeker IAST wins Best Cloud and Web Application Security category at CybersecAsia Awards
Posted: October 16th 2020 15:00 | Author: Kimm Yeo
The Secret to Agile Delivery During Unprecedented Digital Demand
Posted: October 16th 2020 13:32 | Author: Janet Wood
Summary of pCloudy’s New Pricing Plan
Posted: October 16th 2020 10:36 | Author: Dinakar R
Is Testsigma secure for your organization?
Posted: October 16th 2020 09:27 | Author: Mohammad Adil
Test Results in Living Documentation – The Key to Stakeholder Engagement!
Posted: October 15th 2020 20:18 | Author: Dirk Rombauts
27 Of The Best CI/CD Tools Available Today
Posted: October 15th 2020 18:52 | Author: Himanshu Sheth
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust your Developers with Testing
Posted: October 15th 2020 18:32 | Author: Anna Khrupa
Making SCA part of your AST Strategy
Posted: October 15th 2020 16:30 | Author: Fred Bals
Augment your Quality Engineering process with AI and ML
Posted: October 15th 2020 15:32 | Author: Cigniti Technologies
Webinar: Automating visual testing with Percy
Posted: October 15th 2020 15:10 | Author: BrowserStack Team
Using Synthetic Transaction Monitoring for an Outside-in View of App Health
Posted: October 15th 2020 12:00 | Author: James Baldassari
Break data silos, don’t get lost in translation
Posted: October 15th 2020 12:00 | Author: Flavien Huynh
Who is an SDET? Birth of the SDET Role
Posted: October 15th 2020 11:53 | Author: Aniruddha Biswas
Who is a SDET? Birth of the SDET Role
Posted: October 15th 2020 11:53 | Author: Aniruddha Biswas
Agile testing: break silos and build quality in from the start
Posted: October 15th 2020 11:00 | Author: ShriKant Vashishtha
Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0.3 released
Posted: October 15th 2020 09:00 | Author: Fabian Klaffke
Mental Health in Tech and Software Testing
Posted: October 15th 2020 07:04 | Author: Will Saunders
Load Testing a Caddy Web Server on a GCP F1-Micro instance Using K6
Posted: October 15th 2020 00:00
Van Halen’s rider and how it can help improve software development by Paul Graham
Posted: October 15th 2020 00:00 | Author: pgraham@scottlogic.com (Paul Graham)