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This page is dedicated to business related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing business blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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Breakpoint 2021 Speaker Spotlight: Maxim Sadym, Google
Posted: February 18th 2021 14:09 | Author: Neha Mestry
Stop Testing (Only) The Functionality of Your Mobile Apps! [webinar recording]
Posted: February 18th 2021 13:38 | Author: Addie Ben-Yehuda
Standardizing Functional Testing of Insurance Applications | mabl
Posted: February 18th 2021 13:00 | Author: Bridget Hughes
Instrumented testing webinar: Telemetry meets software testing
Posted: February 18th 2021 10:48 | Author: Josepha Miltony Martšuk
Outsourcing QA in the world of DevOps – Best Practices for Dispersed (Distributed) QA teams
Posted: February 18th 2021 08:39 | Author: Nagendra Rao
Poor Application Performance Can Be Fatal for Your Enterprise, Avoid App Degradation with Application Performance Testing
Posted: February 18th 2021 08:35 | Author: Jagadish Anandhan
k6 in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar
Posted: February 18th 2021 00:00
Speed Up JavaScript Test Automation on the Sauce Cloud
Posted: February 18th 2021 00:00
Quality Sense Podcast: Katya Aronov – Involving Devs in the Quality Process
Posted: February 17th 2021 23:58 | Author: Kalei White
Think beyond scripting to maximize the automation advantage
Posted: February 17th 2021 18:38 | Author: Guest Contributors
Which Zephyr Test Management Tool Is Right for Me?
Posted: February 17th 2021 16:30
How To Find Broken Images Using Selenium WebDriver?
Posted: February 17th 2021 16:13 | Author: Himanshu Sheth
SpecFlow & SpecFlow+ 3.7 are published!
Posted: February 17th 2021 15:41 | Author: Andreas Willich
Breakpoint 2021 Speaker Spotlight: Ragavan Ambighananthan, Expedia
Posted: February 17th 2021 13:12 | Author: Neha Mestry
Choosing the Right Testing Strategy to Scale up Mobile App Testing
Posted: February 17th 2021 13:00 | Author: Dinakar R
Choosing the Right Testing Strategy to Scale up Mobile App Testing
Posted: February 17th 2021 13:00 | Author: Dinakar R
Understanding Different Image Comparison Algorithms
Posted: February 17th 2021 11:37 | Author: Thomas Leifer
Agile Ceremonies: Events and processes in Agile Development
Posted: February 17th 2021 09:38 | Author: Jake Bartlett
Understanding the Concept of Anywhere Operations and Its Scope
Posted: February 17th 2021 08:46 | Author: Arun Anandan
Working with Cookies in Selenium Automated Tests
Posted: February 17th 2021 08:40 | Author: Andreea Draniceanu
Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: Facade
Posted: February 17th 2021 06:50 | Author: Anton S. Angelov
Hybrid Apps or Cross-Platform? The right strategy for Retail Mobile Apps in 2021
Posted: February 17th 2021 05:20 | Author: Praveen Narayan
The Code, the Test, and the Responsibility
Posted: February 17th 2021 04:47 | Author: Alan Page
You probably don’t need a micro-frontend by Colin Eberhardt
Posted: February 17th 2021 00:00 | Author: ceberhardt@scottlogic.com (Colin Eberhardt)
Matt is Testing
Posted: February 16th 2021 19:11 | Author: Matthew Caponigro