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This page is dedicated to YouTube videos related to software testing. Please contact us to submit a software testing video. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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Scientifically Optimize Your Processes with AI with Aviram Shotten
Posted: April 19th 2021 01:29 | Author: Joe Colantonio
Developing a Security Test Methodology with Mike Spanbauer
Posted: April 17th 2021 20:01 | Author: Joe Colantonio
Set up a Cypress Test Project with Github Actions
Posted: April 15th 2021 16:30 | Author: Sauce Labs
Entrevista a Lisandra Armas - Usabilidad y accesibilidad
Posted: April 15th 2021 08:55 | Author: Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
Test a Local App with Cypress and Saucectl
Posted: April 14th 2021 18:33 | Author: Sauce Labs
Run a Cypress Test with Sauce Connect
Posted: April 14th 2021 17:53 | Author: Sauce Labs
Setup Sauce Connect for Saucectl
Posted: April 14th 2021 17:46 | Author: Sauce Labs
Testing our Performance Test Tools with Nicole van der Hoeven
Posted: April 14th 2021 12:46 | Author: Joe Colantonio
Write your first test in Cypress | Cypress Testing
Posted: April 14th 2021 12:30 | Author: Automation Bro - Dilpreet Johal
Harnessing high-fidelity simulation for autonomous systems through AirSim
Posted: April 13th 2021 17:24 | Author: Microsoft Research
Discovering hidden connections in art with deep, interpretable visual analogies
Posted: April 13th 2021 17:08 | Author: Microsoft Research
ZeRO & Fastest BERT: Increasing the scale and speed of deep learning training in DeepSpeed
Posted: April 13th 2021 16:50 | Author: Microsoft Research
Interactive sound simulation: Rendering immersive soundscapes in games and virtual reality
Posted: April 13th 2021 16:30 | Author: Microsoft Research
Microsoft Academic Service: Tools to access knowledge in academic literature
Posted: April 13th 2021 16:09 | Author: Microsoft Research
A prototype implementation of 4G packet gateway Microsoft Catapult FPGA platform
Posted: April 13th 2021 16:01 | Author: Microsoft Research
Conversations: Dan Billing on Exploratory Testing
Posted: April 13th 2021 11:54 | Author: TestBuddy
¿Cómo empezar en testing? ¿Por dónde inicio mi carrera como tester?
Posted: April 12th 2021 19:05 | Author: Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
Self-Tuning Networks: Amortizing the Hypergradient Computation for Hyperparameter Optimization
Posted: April 12th 2021 16:52 | Author: Microsoft Research
API Challenges 12 - How To Solve - DELETE /todos/id 200 in Insomnia
Posted: April 12th 2021 10:31 | Author: EvilTester - Software Testing
Agile Engineering Maturity Model with Rudolf Groetz & David Heitzinger
Posted: April 11th 2021 20:24 | Author: Joe Colantonio
EuroSTAR European Software Testing Awards 2020
Posted: April 9th 2021 15:29 | Author: EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference
Partner with EuroSTAR Online
Posted: April 9th 2021 10:52 | Author: EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference
Onboarding Webinar - 2021-04-07
Posted: April 8th 2021 22:00 | Author: SpecFlow
Run a Test with Sauce Connect Proxy
Posted: April 8th 2021 19:16 | Author: Sauce Labs
Testing on Mobile Devices with Location Services
Posted: April 8th 2021 15:18 | Author: Sauce Labs