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This page is dedicated to YouTube videos related to software testing. Please contact us to submit a software testing video. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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Visual Validation - The Missing Tip of the Automation Pyramid by Anand Bagmar #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 27th 2020 10:17 | Author: ConfEngine
Meet The Social Side of Your Architecture by Adam Tornhill at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 27th 2020 10:14 | Author: ConfEngine
Security & Chaos Engineering: Resilient Distributed Systems by Aaron Rinehart at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 27th 2020 10:11 | Author: ConfEngine
Chaos Engineering - The Path to Reliability by Kolton Andrus at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 27th 2020 10:07 | Author: ConfEngine
API Performance Testing Trends
Posted: October 27th 2020 10:00 | Author: Joe Colantonio
Directions in ML: AutoML & Interpretability: Powering the machine learning revolution in healthcare
Posted: October 26th 2020 16:39 | Author: Microsoft Research
The Ethics of Agile Coaching by Shane Hastie at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 26th 2020 11:25 | Author: ConfEngine
Destacados de la entrevista a Delvis Echeverría - Pruebas de performance
Posted: October 26th 2020 11:23 | Author: Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
Build the Right Thing with a Formalized Discovery Process by Anjali D Leon at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 26th 2020 11:12 | Author: ConfEngine
Co-create the Emotional Culture in Your Org by Jakub Jurkiewicz & Jeremy Dean at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 26th 2020 11:09 | Author: ConfEngine
Leading the Remote:AF Enterprise by Andrew Blain at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 26th 2020 11:01 | Author: ConfEngine
Personal Agility - A framework beyond frameworks by Abhigya Pokharel at #AgileIndia2020
Posted: October 26th 2020 10:47 | Author: ConfEngine
Code Factorization: How to Organize Boilerplate Code - Jaewon Seo - JSConf Korea
Posted: October 26th 2020 01:00 | Author: JSConf
In Search of the Lost UI: A Tale of Design System Development - Woojin Jeon - JSConf Korea
Posted: October 26th 2020 01:00 | Author: JSConf
API Tests Optimization - Config & Random Data | JavaScript API Automation
Posted: October 25th 2020 13:53 | Author: Automation Bro
Writing Great Specifications with Kamil Nicieja
Posted: October 25th 2020 08:41 | Author: Joe Colantonio
Evaluating and validating research that aspires to societal impact in real world scenarios with Tanu
Posted: October 23rd 2020 17:42 | Author: Microsoft Research
A Closed-loop Adaptive Brain-computer Interface Framework
Posted: October 23rd 2020 16:56 | Author: Microsoft Research
Accessibility Testing: The Manual Parts - Tolu Adegbite
Posted: October 23rd 2020 10:51 | Author: Agile Testing Days
¿Cuál es el estado del testing en Colombia?
Posted: October 22nd 2020 18:04 | Author: Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
SurfaceFleet Supplemental Video Demonstration (UIST 2020)
Posted: October 22nd 2020 15:25 | Author: Microsoft Research
Lessons Learnt in a Hard Way: Turning on an Air-Con 10 Mins before Arriving at Home
Posted: October 22nd 2020 07:14 | Author: JSConf
Writing Negative API Tests | JavaScript API Automation
Posted: October 21st 2020 13:20 | Author: Automation Bro
030: Fake - Test Doubles
Posted: October 21st 2020 04:00 | Author: Testing All The Things
Haptic PIVOT: On-Demand Handhelds in VR
Posted: October 20th 2020 14:00 | Author: Microsoft Research