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Who is Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing started back in 2007 as a community for software testers and have since grown to become a learning and resource platform, working with community members, industry experts and thought leaders.  We provide Learning Pathways, Courses, Training events, Articles, Podcasts, Webinars and our famous TestBash conferences to support our global software testing community.

At the heart of everything we do is our community.  We aim to bring positive change to each community member’s life, support them throughout their careers, and connect them with a supportive and inclusive testing community, allowing them to grow in knowledge and confidence.  We search for new testing voices to highlight while also sharing expert knowledge.  Throughout all of this, we allow our community to guide us in what they need.  This ethos will never change.

Our Community

Our community is tens of thousands of testers strong and growing every day! The community is made up of software testers from all over the world, at different stages of their careers, with different skill sets and life goals, and all are welcome and valued here. We pride ourselves on really connecting with our community, no matter how big it gets! Our community members mean everything to us; they guide us on how to better support testers and co-create all the awesome things we make and do.


Why go Pro with Ministry of Testing

Pro membership is our premium subscription model that grants you and your team access to all our online events, such as themed training weeks, 99-Minute workshops, online TestBash conferences. And access to Online Learning Pathways, courses and 1000+ talks, webinars, articles, and podcasts. Going Pro enables your team to follow a mix of self-paced learning by taking one of the many online courses on offer or more structured learning with our live events.

Who is Pro for?

Pro is for your whole team. Whether your team members are new to testing, looking to expand their existing testing knowledge and skills, moving up the managerial ladder, or shifting into specialist topics. Our catalogue of events and online learning is here to help teams improve their testing. Pro is for anyone looking to improve their ability to improve the quality of their work and the products they build. We believe we can offer the right training and community opportunities for anyone looking to learn more about testing.


Why Go Pro with Ministry of Testing?

Ministry of Testing’s mission goal is co-creating smarter testing which guides how we help Pro teams.


Ministry of Testing is an organisation of world-class experts in testing and education, which puts us in a unique position within our community. Our practical testing experiences and knowledge of the latest pedagogical techniques allow us to work with members of our community to share their skills and knowledge with others. This relationship enables us to identify and create quality learning opportunities on the latest trends and topics in testing and quality.

Smarter testing

The result of this unique relationship is that Pro members have access to all the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques available for modern software development teams. Our events and training enable Pro members to become smarter testers, improving the quality of their work and the products they’re responsible for.


How will Pro help you?

Software development is a constantly changing industry, and to keep up with those changes, we need to invest in our own continuous development. Pro teams will help keep you and your team members and up to date and relevant with all the latest and most important topics in testing and quality.

Our numerous event and training formats mean individuals can pick the learning approach that works best for them, picking the topics that matter the most and fitting them into the busy schedules.

For those who are responsible for the development of team members, we offer both support in growing in your role as well as features that take the hassle out of figuring out your team’s next training steps. Enabling both team members and leads to grow together to help increase skills and knowledge in testing across team members and improve staff retention.


What do you get with Pro?

By going Pro, you and your team members will have access to a wealth of content and events, such as:

99-Minute Workshops

Our popular 99-Minute workshops offer practical activity led training from experts in the testing community. Each workshop offers a combination of hands-on activities to take part in with other fellow Pro members. With the goal of improving not just skills and knowledge but community connections. We offer two workshops a week, repeating each workshop multiple times to fit into the working week and give attendees applicable skills straight away.

Online TestBash conferences

Online TestBash conferences give Pro members the opportunity to take a productive step away from their day to day work to reflect and recharge. Our past conferences have hosted a range of established names in testing and quality as well as promoting new voices. Pro members will not only learn from the diverse range of talks we host, but from the wider global testing community, they will engage with.

Themed Weeks

Themed weeks are deep-dives into specific topics, with multiple ways for your team to engage. The week is filled with 99-Minute Workshops, practical challenges, masterclasses, a Panel discussion, and an Ask Me Anything. So your team will have plenty of options to challenge their thinking and expand their knowledge. There are four of these running throughout the year.


Learning Pathways

We’ve done the hard work for you by curating the most useful content from the most knowledgeable testers for each learning pathway. This allows each user to gradually become more familiar with a topic at a pace that suits them, boosting their understanding and confidence as they progress.

Online Courses

Our online courses offer Learning outcome-driven education from a wide range of experts in the testing community. We work closely with course instructors to craft engaging and rewarding courses that consist of both video-based material and activities that have Pro members not just watching but doing testing. Being outcome-driven with our learning means we can use activities to measure success and enable learners to reflect on their progress.

Community Coaching

Community coaching provides the opportunity to work with accomplished software testers with plenty of coaching experience who can help your team realise their full personal and professional potential. We provide a 25% discount on the first session to Pro Members.

What does it cost?

Value of Pro Membership

Our Pro membership features and catalogue access is offered at a competitive rate compared to other training providers in testing. We offer Pro Team discounts ranging from 5% to 25%, depending on the size of your team. Find out the discounts you can get by heading to

  MoT Pro Membership Single ISTQB Course Udemy Pluralsight
Pricing £187.50 - £249.99 £600 - £1495 £260 £416

How can I pay?

We support a wide range of ways to pay for Pro via Debit/Credit Card, Paypal and invoice that you can do via or by contacting us at

Or, if you’d like to hear about our ’Pay as you go’ approach, contact us at

Want to learn more?

You can find out more about us at To talk more about how Ministry of Testing can help your team grow or your specific testing training requirements. Please contact us at

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