We have teamed up with community members to run local meetups.

The ones that currently exist are:

What is a Ministry of Testing Meetup?

Good question!

We work closely with members of the community who are keen to meet local testers who believe in the way we are doing things with Ministry of Testing.  We feel it would help us whilst also helping testers to help grow local testing networks.

For some of these meetup locations we hope to also host some (Tiny)TestBashes, however that is not the sole reason we are doing the meetups.  We believe the more we can get testers coming together then the better chance we have of advancing our industry in a good and positive direction.

Who Can Run A Meetup?

Anyone!  As long as you believe our ethos matches and abide by certain rules.  This means things like:

  • you must get permission from us to use our brand
  • working to our Code of Conduct
  • have a similar ethos and focus on helping the software testing community grow
  • no sales pitches
  • being fun and friendly
  • being kind
  • being helpful
  • events should probably have some real focus on learning something or being social
  • you will need to find your own venue, speakers and sponsors.  We will help where we can.

Please get in touch with if you would like to start your own localised Meetup group.