Quality Assurance Engineer


Stafford, Staffordshire. United Kingdom
As a brand new member of our Quality Assurance team, you’ll be directly supporting Codeweavers: The UK’s leading provider of digital problem-solving to the automotive industry.

What you'll be up to

  • You will be working with the Codeweavers development team in delivering quality, fit for purpose products in a highly Agile organisation.
  • You will be expected to champion and consistently improve the quality of contributions of your team, alongside Developers and Product Owners.
  • You will be supporting and challenging during the creation of User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, Test Plans and Software Solutions.
  • You will incorporate and execute the best practises for testing, quality, processes and activities throughout the development lifecycle.
  • You will be collaborating to ensure defect prevention, minimise failures and produce the best product and software possible.
  • You will be joining a team that employs a wide range of agile techniques, including Pair and Mob Programming, TDD, Code Refactoring and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment.
We're looking for an enthusiastic, self motivated individual who is eager to learn and integrate into our Codeweavers team. We are looking for quality advocates and coaches whose enthusiasm for quality will infect those around them and who are confident enough to challenge anything in order to help ensure the delivery of quality software.

Our offices are located near Stafford, but we have been working remotely since the first lockdown and will remain this way going forward. You will be expected to come into the office on occasion but this can be tailored to your needs and that of your team.

Development technologies that we use include:

  • C# (Visual Studio, Resharper)
  • Web (ASP.NET, MVC, WebAPI)
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Testing (NUnit, MOQ, Cypress)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (WCF, REST)
  • SQL Server, Postgres and Cassandra (NoSQL), CruiseControl.NET