Posted: 26th March 2019

Talent Acquisition & Operations

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Edinburgh, MIdlothian. United Kingdom

About Criton: We’re aiming to become the leading aggregator of guest facing technology within the hospitality sector, across the globe.

Work Environment: Our Engineering Team have a variety of diverse backgrounds. Quality Assurance at Criton is the responsibility of each and everyone. We are always striving to move QA left, by embedding quality right into the building process (by encouraging the developers to properly test their own work), instead of it being an afterthought, and ensured only by QA engineers.

As a QA & Automation Engineer, you will be part of the Product Delivery Team, where your role will be focused on coaching the scrum teams around testing practices, maintaining the current regression packs in the short term, and in the mid to long term, automating testing for quality assurance across the API, app-builder and apps. You will work on automation efforts around Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, setting up test environments etc. Your job will involve improving testing strategy and processes including:
  • Creation/execution of automated test strategy for end-to-end integration testing of the app builder CMS, API, and apps
  • Maintaining /monitoring the regression packs
  • Working closely within the SCRUM teams throughout sprints to prevent bugs/catch issues as early as possible (e.g. confirming acceptance test scenarios, mob testing, regression testing planning etc.)
  • Taking ownership of the key metrics 
  • Devising/implementing automation strategies around CI, CD, test environments, making sure that testing practices are scalable as the product grows
  • Inputting into the QA strategy, defining the QA roadmap
  • Performing manual exploratory testing
  • Estimating, prioritising, and planning testing activities
  • Thorough tracking/documentation of bugs
  • Regular communication on the progress of testing for each release cycle

Required skills:
  • Introducing test automation and identifying what to automate
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines
  • Understand complex systems and translate their requirements into tests
  • Confident with a test automation frameworks (selenium/ etc)
  • Git-based version control
  • Ability and willingness to continuously keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and rapidly learn modern technologies
  • Adapt to existing workflows/processes and introduce improvement