Posted: 4th October 2018

Software Test Engineer

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Ultimate Software 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. United States

Apply Here:

As a technical Software Test Engineer here, you play a very important role in ensuring the quality and excellence of our products. You’ll be embedded on an agile development team where you will write code to test the code written by the developers, using both your specialized testing knowledge of multiple tools, techniques and best practices as well as your development experience and knowledge of good technical architecture and design. You’ll be working side by side with the teams Developers and other Testers to validate application quality. In our highly-collaborative environment, you will have the opportunity to continually grow as a tester and engineer, and even help mentor others get to your level. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today! 

Required Qualifications:

  • Ability to write and test code in an object oriented language, Java or C# to support either of our primary products (Go, Node.js and Ruby are also accepted, but must be able to ramp up to Java and/or C# easily).
  • Knowledge of testing techniques/methodologies and how to apply them (white box, equivalence class partitioning, pairwise, state transition, boundary value, decision table)
  • Functional test automation tool experience is preferred (ex. Junit, TestNG, Serenity, etc.)
  • Have worked with a CI system is preferred (ex. TeamCity, Concourse, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Selenium knowledge/familiarity is a plus
  • Ability to write intermediate SQL is required
  • Nonfunctional test automation tool experience is a plus (ex. JMeter, LoadRunner, ZAP, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to write NoSQL code is a plus


  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree (or foreign earned equivalent degree) in a computer or engineering field