PHP Test Engineer

Remote, Remote. United Kingdom
This is an exciting new role within the Engineering Team at Vestd, to come onboard as our first dedicated test engineer; supporting fundamental aspects of our product and gaining exposure to the many elements of B2B software development. This engaging position will develop your skills and experience, so a keenness for self-directed learning is paramount. You will be placed at the heart of rapidly changing business needs, allowing you a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire company.

Passionate about every step of the testing process, you will write new and improved automated tests, run manual user tests and guide the Engineering Team in how best to test their code. In addition, you will be managing our comprehensive test suite and automated testing pipeline built around Github actions, you will drive this forward by ensuring we are using high-quality tools.

Working with other departments, your role will be essential in ensuring the entire product delivery, working closely with Vestd’s Product Managers on the acceptance criteria and also to support the Customer Success Team, you will investigate bug reports, prioritise and create tickets to support our client base.


  • Execute test cases (manual or automated) and analyze results
  • Helping to write automated tests (PHP) and guiding engineers in best practices for automated testing
  • Report bugs and errors to the development team
  • Investigating bug reports and helping to troubleshoot issues
  • Conduct post-release/post-implementation testing
  • Work with different teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle
The core skills we are looking for are as follows, with bonus points on offer to help you really stand out from the pack:


  • Experience as a Software Tester for a web-based service
  • Basic coding skills and ideally experience with PHP, PHPUnit and Laravel
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail & an analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude

Bonus points

  • B2B SaaS experience
  • Experience of working in a remote team
  • An understanding of how equity works
  • A passion for startup life
  • Entrepreneurial experience