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Jump Start Your Performance Testing Effort with Mark Tomlinson

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Talk Description

You’ve got 5 days left in the sprint and at the last stand-up the PO mentions that the business is nervous about the upcoming release. Will it handle the load of the next promotion? Can the system scale?

Now you’ve got to get some load testing done quickly to provide results to help settle the anxiety and mitigate the risks of a crash or outage. You download 5 different tools from various vendors, you watch 10 videos online on monitoring and diagnostics, you start listening to the PerfBytes podcast and those guys are just crazy!

What you need is a simple set of first steps to get some load tests going. This webcast will describe exactly those first steps, the pitfalls you’ll likely face and how to accurately present results from your first load testing effort.

Watch this webinar and you will:

  • feel confident selecting a performance testing tool
  • know what to test and how
  • understand and avoid the common pitfalls of performance testing
  • interpret and presents your results accurately.

What you’ll learn
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