30 Days of Testing Like You’ve Never Seen it Before
8th March 2021

30 Days of Testing Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

We’re bringing 30 Days of Testing back with a whole new look. We’ve redesigned how you take the challenges to make it easier for you to complete them. Kicking it all off is 30 Days of Agile Testing starting on 15th March 2021.

Why Change?

Recent changes to courses and the introduction of Pathways of learning has triggered new ideas for how we present the 30 Days of Testing Challenges. 

We want to make it easier for you to engage with and take control of your learning. We want to give you a way to show off what you’ve done in one easy to access place.

So, Mark and I set to work thinking about all the different ways you can learn from 30 Days of Testing. We explored the learning outcomes from each day on each set of challenges. We looked at how you would know that you’d successfully completed a challenge and started to make changes.

The New Look

Each day you’ll have a new challenge to complete, this will be its own lesson with its own activity attached. Each lesson will have a video explaining the challenge for the day.  Once you’ve successfully completed the activity, you’ll have completed that challenge for the day.

For example, if you’re asked to read a blog post for the challenge that day, you’ll have to submit a link to the blog post to complete the activity.

When you’ve completed all of the activities for each challenge, you’ll see the full 30 Days of Testing marked as completed on your profile. This is an excellent way to demonstrate to you/your boss/your potential employer all that you’ve learned by doing the challenge.

Join The New 30 Days of Testing

We’re launching our 30 Days of Agile Testing on 15th March - and unsurprisingly, it’ll run for 30 Days! 

Are you taking part? Download badges to add to your social media, blog, website, etc to let everyone know you’ll be participating 😁

- Heather
CommunityBoss @ Ministry of Testing