Posted: Jul 3, 2023

Introducing Learning Journeys

Today we are pleased to launch: Learning Journeys. With the pre-sale of the following Learning Journeys.

The C# and Java Learning Journeys will be live on the 1st November 2023, however you can save £1000 by buying them now during pre-sale for just £400 inc VAT. JavaScript and Ruby will go live on the 1st January 2024.

What are Learning Journeys

We believe Learning Journeys will revolutionise the testing training landscape. They provide a curated, and narrated on-demand learning experience. Think of them as courses meets learning paths, but with a narrated element to them. What I mean by curated is that the whole learning path comprises of new and old content. That content is weaved together by narration from the curators of the learning journey. Those curators take you on a journey through the content, prompting you to complete activities and reflect on the content. Whereas learning paths and pathways are usually just ordered content, you can think of a journey as the same ordered content, but with narration in between each piece to explain why you are being asked to digest that content, and additional activities to cement the learning.

Each lesson within a Learning Journey combines a variety of multimedia resources, including audio, video, articles, imagery, texts, blogs and interactive activities, to cater to diverse learning preferences. This content will either be existing relevant content, new content made by the curators or content commisioned by the curators from the community. Learners are encouraged to explore and absorb information at their own pace. With each module culminating in a workshop-style task, learners can apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a practical manner, fostering deeper understanding and real-world application.

How Are They Different

Learning Journeys are a text narrated on-demand learning experience that combines new and existing resources. Each Learning Journey lesson has a combination of various learning resources that are brought together by the curator(s). Activities are woven throughout each module and conclude in a challenge to cement the learning of the module. So a lesson could be, some text framing the lesson, followed by a video, followed by more text, then maybe an audio conversation, followed by some more text and an activity. Learning Journeys give us the capabilities to mix and match media type to create the perfect lesson.

The Testing Community is fantastic at creating content and a lot of it is loved at the moment, but forgotten over time, yet is still highly relevant and educational. Learning Journeys will bring such content back to new learners, wrapped in a narrative from the curator as to why you are being asked to watch/read/listen to it and what they hope you get from it.

A certificate will be awarded for completing a learning journey, which you’ll be able to add to your Ministry of Testing profile.

Ministry of Testing Curriculums

Some of you may have seen that the Ministry of Testing started an initiative to re-shape software testing which has so far resulted in the Automation Engineer in Testing curriculum and we are halfway through the Junior Tester curriculum. We plan to continue with even more such as Test/Quality Managers, Quality Engineers and Testing for Developers. How does this relate to Learning Journeys?

Learning Journeys are our implementation of these curriculums. Our implementation of the Automation Engineer in Testing curriculum consists of 12 modules with 143 lessons! This is not a collection of courses, video after video, this is a narrated experience designed to help you get your first job in automation, or to evaluate your existing skills and fill any gaps. This is a learning journey. This is by far the most comprehensive automation training currently available.

We are committed to updating our curriculums every year, and changes to a curriculum will result in updates to our Learning Journeys. Those changes will be included for all purchases, once you purchase a Learning Journey, you have it for life along with all updates.


The standard price of our Learning Journeys will be £1400 inc VAT, however, as these are brand new we are launching them for pre-sale at just £400 inc VAT. The launch price is available until the 30th August 2023. After this period the next price will be £800.


We are very excited here at the Ministry of Testing HQ to embark on our journey with Learning Journeys. We believe our affordable, extensive, relevant and modern approach will pave the way for many to elevate their testing careers.

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