Posted: Oct 5, 2017

TestBash by the Sea Tickets Now On Sale!

TestBash by the Sea Tickets Now On Sale!

On 15th-16th March 2018 TestBash Brighton is happening.

And, so we are here, again! TestBash Brighton, the home of testing friends is returning for some jam-packed learning and fun!

TestBash Brighton is our original and biggest TestBash. We’ve been growing consistently and surely over the years and as always we are looking to keep the same friendly and learning focused vibe with wonderful new things sprinkled in.

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We continue to invest in our software testing community in various ways and always put our values and ethics before profit. You should know all speakers travel costs are paid (no matter where they travel from), this is something we have done from the start. We also like to ensure there is diversity in attendees and speakers. We do this through mostly being nice and thoughtful, but we also like to ensure everyone feels welcome. We invest in new speakers to bring new ideas and voices to our industry. And we ensure we have been thoughtful and sensitive towards a variety of diversity issues that exist in the tech world today.

So, what can you expect?

Introducing The UnExpo

We’ve never had an exhibition hall for sponsors at any of our TestBash. We’ve always felt they didn’t quite align with our ‘user experience’ goals.

However, because we like to do things differently, we’re going to try out an UnExpo. It’s an attendee-driven expo. Attendees will be given the chance to set up a “stand” and share their innovations, practices, new tools, testing problems, or thoughts on any topic that will initiate interesting discussions. More details coming soon!

Pre-training Days

We’re going to start with some pre-training courses:

  • Automation in Testing with Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw 12th-14th March
  • Lean Testing with Aaron Hodder 14th March

Workshop Day Thursday 15th March

We have ten fantastic workshops to choose from. There is something for any tester at any level, don’t miss out! You would need to choose a morning and afternoon workshop to attend after you register.

BUT! Not only that! We said this is jam-packed, didn’t we? There will also be a talk at the beginning of the day and one at the end.

  • How to Bring Change Without Permission – Bhagya Perera
  • TBA – Anusha Nirmalananthan

The workshops we have lined up are:

  • Mobile Security Testing – Jahmel Harris
  • Technical Test Automation Challenges: Patterns and Solutions – Dorothy Graham & Seretta Gamba
  • Life’s a Riot with Stubs, Fakes, Spies and Mocks – Ash Winter & Christopher Chant
  • The Ultimate Testing Story – Ard Kramer & Beren Van Daele
  • Exploratory Testing 101 – The Software Testing Clinic
  • Communication and Reporting 101 – The Software Testing Clinic
  • Web Application Security – A Hands-On Testing Challenge – Dan Billing
  • How To Interview Like A Tester – Elizabeth Zagroba & Martin Hynie
  • Building Successful Communities of Practice – Emily Webber
  • Get Beyond the Surface: Exploratory Testing of Web Services – Amber Race

Oh, and we should not forget, there will be a meetup straight afterwards too…like we said jam-packed.

Conference Day Friday 16th March

We have a jam-packed single track conference day, have yourself and your batteries charged, it’ll be worth it! For the super early birds and energetic folks, there will be the annual informal early morning run meetup at The Pier. For the early birds, we will start at 8am with a purely optional, chilled and enjoyable lean coffee.

The conference line up consists of 9 talks, plus the famously fun 99-second talks that all attendees are welcome to take part in.

Then, yes, you probably guessed it. A fun-packed meetup with food and drink afterwards. Did we say it was jam-packed?

So, what talks are we bringing this year I hear you ask? We have quite a lineup:

  • Part of the Pipeline – Ash Winter
  • Discovering Logic in Testing – Rosie Hamilton
  • Learning to Learn – My Struggles and Successes! – Danny Dainton
  • Universities: What do the Academics Have to Say About Testing, and Why Should we Care? – Geoff Loken
  • Less is More – Elizabeth Zagroba & Diana Wendruff
  • To Boldly Go: Taking the Enterprise on a Journey to Structured Exploratory Testing – Aaron Hodder
  • Communities of Practice, the Missing Piece of Your Agile Organisation – Emily Webber
  • Experiences in Modern Testing – Alan Page
  • Why we Should Test Programmable Infrastructure – Matt Long

Open Space Saturday 17th March

Our open space events are growing in popularity so we’re pleased to bring you another instalment. The open space will essentially take the form of a unconference. There will be no schedule. Instead, all attendees will create the schedule in the morning. Everyone will have the ability to propose a session, in doing so, you will take ownership of facilitating the said session. Pretty damn cool right!

The Super Early Bird price is limited (and a bargain!), so register for your early bird tickets fast!

But if you want a real bargain, go Pro on The Dojo (as an individual or a team) and you’ll qualify for an extra £50 off each ticket (plus access to all our amazing learning resources).

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