Announcing 30 Days of Tools!
Richard Bradshaw
Richard Bradshaw
30th July 2021

We are pleased to let you know that #30DaysOfTesting is returning and it’s going to be all about tools! 30 Days of Tools will kick off on the 1st October and run throughout the entire month. We’ll also be bringing you Test.bash(); on the 28th October.


What is #30DaysOfTesting?

It’s where for a calendar month will focus on a specific topic with software testing and provide you with a challenge to complete each day. Those challenges vary from reading a blog, responding to a question, watching a talk, completing an activity and much more. We then encourage the community to share their progress across our various community platforms. Many companies also take on the challenges as a team internally.


Why Tools?

There seems to be an explosion of new testing tools on offer at the moment, open source and commercial tools. An important skill within software testing is remaining tool aware. Being aware of the tooling out there, not necessarily using it or knowing how to use it, but knowing it exists. That way, when you find yourself in a new context, you will be able to recall these tools and run a quick proof of concept to see if they will bring you and your team value.


What is Test.bash();?

Test.bash(); is our automation and technically testing focused TestBash. This will be our fourth Test.bash(); and our second one online. 


Talk at Test.bash();

The call for contribution is now open for Test.bash();. We are looking for talks and are experimenting with the length. Your talk can be 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes in length. We are offering a fee of £50 per 10 minutes. So, for a 30-minute talk, we’ll offer a fee of £150.

It’s important when choosing the length of your talk to ensure that you maximise the time. A shorter talk can sometimes be beneficial as it forces you to focus on a few key points. A tool/framework demo would be suited to a shorter format. Whereas an experient report or a story may be better suited to a longer slot. But either way, it’s up to you to decide as you submit.

We are also experimenting with a different approach to talks this time, instead of asking you to submit your abstracts, you will submit to do one of the following talks:

  1. How do you stay tool aware?
  2. How do you evaluate a tool?
  3. Demo and explain how your team currently uses automation
  4. Demo and explain your current automation toolset/framework

You can individually submit to answer as many of the questions as you like, but you will most likely only be picked to actually give one of them. Your talk should just answer one of these questions, not all of them.


Sponsor #30DaysOfTesting and Test.bash();

We are looking for sponsors for #30DaysOfTesting and Test.bash(); Sponsorship is being offered as a collective with Black, Green and Yellow Belt packages to choose from.   

You will have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with our community, sharing an in-depth look at your tool - how it functions, how it can solve problems and give our community a safe way to ask questions. 

The sponsorship brochure is being created at the minute, if you are interested in being a sponsor, please email