August RoundUp of All Things MoT
5th September 2019

It's been a scorcher of a month in the Ministry of Testing world, the weather has been pretty good too!  We hope you all survived with cool beverages, ice cream, sorbet and plenty of awesome content. 

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.


The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  Our Club Ninja this month is Luke Liu.

MoT News 

Being Uniquely Me at Ministry of Testing by Heather Reid
By having the freedom to be uniquely me, I genuinely feel like I bring a better version of myself to work every day, even if that version of myself sometimes needs coffee before opening emails.

Tester's Start Your Engines - TestBash Is Coming to the Midwest
That’s right folks, TestBash is coming to Detroit for the first time on 23-24th April 2020. The Ministry of Testing team is excited to be partnering with Hilary Weaver-Robb to bring you the next edition of TestBash.

The Dojo

Last year we said farewell to the Super Testing Bros hosting our podcasts.  We wanted to make sure our podcasts would be fun, relevant and full of useful insights. We thought; who better to know what’s useful and relevant than members of our community?  This August, we finally have the first episodes of the new Ministry of Testing Podcast! 

September Online Events

Masterclass: Onboarding testers: Growing your new hire with AJ Larson
Onboarding is a painful process in just about any industry.  In an industry where the answer to most questions is a well justified “it depends” how do we bring the next generation of QA professionals up to speed effectively and efficiently? We will explore the potential of training materials, pair testing, strengthening the team culture, and above all, how to help our testing disciples know the product almost as well as we do. 

Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months