Posted: Oct 6, 2022

Why Attend Test.bash(); 2022?

With so many conferences and meetups staying online, it stands to reason you need to be convinced to attend another online event. So here are five reasons to attend Test.bash(); on Thursday 20th October 2022.

  1. Test.bash(); Will Be an Experience

For every online conference we run, we work hard to create a great experience. So while all the speaker sessions are recorded and made available after the event, by being there in real-time, you’ll get the full Test.bash(); experience. 

From the warm welcome of our hosts to the invaluable online chat discussions with other attendees, you’ll feel part of something special.

  1. More Access to Speakers

After talks at Test.bash();, speakers will run breakout Q&A sessions that are optional for attendees to take part in. These breakout sessions will provide you with the chance to meet the speakers and learn more about their topics. You’ll be able to ask them questions and have deep discussions with other attendees equally interested in that subject. You never know what you might discover with such real-time discussions. Check out all the speakers and topics on the event page to see what possibilities may arise.

  1. Get Support Using New Tools

Getting to know new tools is challenging. You’ll often come across problems that you can’t find solutions to and have to tackle them on your own. But at Test.bash(); there are lots of ways you can get support with getting the most out of useful testing tools such as Cypress, Playwright, Postman, Applitools, K6, Selenium and many more!

For instance, experience reports solving the UI, visual automation, API automation and data management challenges using different tools will be streamed live during the event. You’ll be able to ask questions of the speaker and chat with other attendees to share ideas and learn together. It’s something you can’t quite capture when coming back to all this later.

  1. Dedicated Time to Learn Deeply

In our busy lives, it’s easy to push our learning activities to the back burner. Attending Test.bash(); live encourages you to prioritise learning and focus on the tasks at hand. No more pausing the video recording to do a million other things or having videos on in the background whilst you tackle something else. 

Being interactive and engaged in live events leads to better learning and is usually more time efficient than only watching the recordings back where distractions may be higher and motivation lower. 

Give your active learning the attention it deserves.

  1. Network With a Global Community of Testers

With the event taking place online, Test.bash(); is opened up to testers from around the world. Folks who you may never meet treading your usual conference circuit. So relish the opportunity to meet testers from across the globe!  

At Test.bash(); there will be several networking opportunities, including speed networking sessions, the ability to request meetings with individual participants, and a dedicated ‘Water Cooler’ area for group chats. Furthermore, there will be lots of networking and discussions taking place in the stage chat and on social media channels using the hashtag #TestBash.

If this list has convinced you to join Test.bash live on Thursday 20th October 2022, then you’ll need to register for Test.bash(); 2022. Test.bash(); is included in Pro membership, or you can buy a ticket.

Whilst we’ve raved about the benefits of being there, Test.bash(); is a 12-hour action-packed extravaganza of sessions and activities. So use your energy wisely by picking and choosing what you’ll attend live vs what you’ll bookmark to watch on the Ministry of Testing platform later. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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