Help Us Sell More Tickets for TestBashX Buckinghamshire
Richard Bradshaw
Richard Bradshaw
30th September 2022

Ministry of Testing needs your help. TestBashX Buckinghamshire is just two weeks away. An incredible one-day event of hands-on activities and two brilliant talks.
It’s currently running at a £6000 loss. We want to reduce this loss, here are a few ways you may be able to help:

🎟  Attend the conference

If Milton Keynes is within reach, you’ll get two talks, and six hands-on activities for just £75. A full day of learning, conversations and engagement. Plus some lunch.

A great team day out for a very low cost.

🎁  Gift a ticket(s)

Perhaps you are in a position to support someone else attending the conference. A colleague, former colleague, or we’ll find someone to attend thanks to your gift.

🪧  Sponsor some tickets

Are you a company with customers in the area, perhaps you can buy some tickets, and gift them to your users?

We’ll also raise awareness across our channels about your generosity.

📈  Help us get more eyes on the event

Share, share and share. Could you post about #TestBash X on your social channels, so your network hears about TestBashX?

This may lead to some sales.

📣  Share your experiences with activities at TestBash

Have you attended a TestBashX? Or perhaps took part in some activity tables at TestBash UK?

If so, share your experiences, and how you found the format.

📌  We completely understand this position is our own doing, a lot of things have been happening and TestBashX Bucks hasn’t been given as much love as it deserves. But if you can help, we’d really appreciate it.

Thank you 🙏🏼


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