July RoundUp of All Things MoT
2nd August 2019

There has been a lot going on this month!  Our Power Hours are taking off a treat, plus lots of development work happening on our website to make it even more useful to you!  Topped up with the normal amount of new software testing content.  It's been a sun-sational month. 


The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.

  • Power Hour - Testability posted by ash_winter. Ash and Nicola discuss if a feature can be considered "untestable", the differences between testability for automation and manual testing and more.
  • Power Hour - Personas posted by cassandrahl. Cassandra provides excellent insight into who should create personas, how they should be created and how you can use them in your work.
  • Accessibility Workshop idea needs feedback posted by adystokes. Ady is creating a workshop to help people get into accessibility testing, what do you think of the ideas so far?
  • What’s your biggest learning blocker? posted by mcgovernaine. There seem to be quite a few common themes emerging here, what is your biggest learning blocker?
  • What do you mean when you say continuous testing? posted by heather_reid. Heather was curious, like Lisa Crispin was, about the different meanings people have when they say "continuous testing", what's yours?


The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  Our Club Ninja this month is Lee Marshall.

MoT News 

North West Tester Gathering Merges with Ministry of Testing Manchester
North West Tester Gathering (NWTG) is one of the longest standing meetups in Manchester with the first meetup being held on 23rd November 2011!  Now as one combined meetup we’re really excited about what we can bring to the Manchester testing scene. 

Our New Logged In Homepage
Previously you saw the Dojo Catalog page which lists all the latest content added to The Dojo, along with all other series that are available, which is great, but it’s very specific to The Dojo. What this page doesn’t show you is everything else MoT does, which is a lot! We wanted to change that and provide a page that shows the latest from all that we do.


The Dojo

July has been a scorcher for software testing content on The Dojo.  So why not take a break from the heat (or chill if it’s winter where you are) and check out all the new things on the Dojo this month:

August Online Events

Testing Ask Me Anything - Communities of Practice - Lee Marshall

As teams move away from silos filled only with testers, developers and other roles, into more mixed, agile teams, it can make it more difficult to people to learn from others in the same role as them.  Communities of Practice are a great way for testers, developers, or any other role that share a common activity, to come together, share their skills and experiences, and learn from one another.  Once you've registered you could ask Lee any question you might have.

Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months