Ministry of Testing Slacks: When Two Become One
10th June 2020

For many years, Ministry of Testing has been maintaining two Slack workspaces within the community, Ministry of Testing and (previously The original Ministry of Testing Slack was planned to share all things MoT and over time it grew to be more, offering people an additional avenue to go for testing support.

When we first took sole ownership of after previously co-owning it, it was larger than the Ministry of Testing Slack, it had more discussions, more people, however, both were strong and growing communities in their own right so we made the decision to keep both groups operating in parallel. 

Why Merge Now?

As time has rolled on, both groups have grown to phenomenal sizes with both falling either side of the 10,000 members mark. We’ve frequently been asked by people who are members of both workspaces “Why do you have two? Why not just merge them into one?” So much so that we started to ask ourselves “Should two become one?”.

With such large groups comes a large admin responsibility, as is par for the course with any community. We realised that we can’t continue to scale the way we would like to with the two groups separated. As a small team, we have big plans for Slack to help the people who interact on there. In order to achieve those dreams, a single Slack to invest in tooling and administering started to make more and more sense.

Why Merge to Ministry of Testing?

We’ve been carefully analysing the statistics across the two groups about where people chat and the number of messages sent and it has become clear that the Ministry of Testing Slack has grown more active than

Of course, this isn’t to say that isn’t valuable, it is and hugely so. In making this decision, we analysed the channels that were providing the most value on and we have migrated those that weren’t already on the Ministry of Testing Slack over to there to ensure a smooth transition.

In making the decision to merge, we also noted that a large volume of the people on were already on the Ministry of Testing Slack so we hoped that this would help the transition to be as seamless as possible. 


We’ll be closing on 30th June 2020. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the workspace or the content from it.

Slack Up Your Life!

In order to get yourself registered onto the Ministry of Testing Slack, simply sign up here.


We have lots of plans for the future of Slack. To start with, we want to make it easier for people to ask a question on both Slack and The Club as we are aware that many people prefer to ponder an answer and add ideas later which Slack is not always the best medium to facilitate this on. As a free Slack, we also have a message retention limit so something that easily facilitates back up of certain messages will be a great go-to for the community.

Also in the pipeline are ideas to give testers monthly MoT updates using Slack. Perhaps you’re the only tester or you’re on a team of testers but you’re the only one trying to specialise in a certain area, we want to facilitate a structured way for you to learn with others who are or have been in similar situations to you.


Is the Code of Conduct the same?

Yes. The Code of Conduct across both groups is the same as they all fall under the Ministry of Testings ownership.

Where can I find the Slack guidelines?

The Slack guidelines can be found on our new shiny page.

Is the Ministry of Testing Slack just about Ministry of Testing?

No, there are lots of conversations happening about all things testing. Explore the list of channels there and join the ones whose topics interest you. If you’re not sure what to join, introduce yourself in the #introductions channel sharing your interests and the community there will help you find the best channels to join.

What about warnings on

As with the Code of Conduct, the warnings issued on stand across all of MoT. We take breaches of our code of conduct seriously and keep records of all such breaches in line with the Slack guidelines.