New eBooks Created From Our Software Testing Courses & Guides!
10th August 2018

We've had a few requests to view individual software testing courses and guides from testers that are unable to pay for the full pro membership.  We put on our thinking hats and tried to figure out how could we best help out our awesome community of software testers?   We know that it can be hard for smaller companies to find the funding for our membership when they're starting out, or if you're new to the testing field, you might be self-funded and can't quite afford it yet.  We had Dan Ashby help you figure out How To Obtain Budgets For Attending Conferences, now we've come up with a clever way to give you some of the most requested courses - eBooks! 


Which Software Testing Courses And Guides Have We Converted and Where Can You Buy Them?

You can buy all our testing eBooks from Amazon and we've kept the costs low, which means you can buy them all!