New Masters of the Ministry Class – Technical Mobile Testing with Richard Bradshaw
15th August 2017

We are excited to announce a new three-day course as part of our Masters of the Ministry initiative, Technical Mobile Testing with Richard Bradshaw (aka FriendlyTester). The course will be taking place in Manchester on the 4th-6th December 2017.

Mobile testing is a huge space with not nearly enough learning opportunities available.  When you bring the technical aspect of testing together with mobile testing it presents a whole new area where we have found that testers have struggled time and time again to understand the landscape to help them testing effectively and efficiently.

Mobile testing is an essential skill for any modern tester, this course aims to:

  • Introduce the attendees to many mobile testing techniques and the tools that support them
  • Explore and contrast the many frameworks available for mobile automation
  • Provide hands on experience of using a wealth of tools specific to mobile testing, preparing testers for all mobile has to offer

Having spent three years testing the very popular O2 app ‘O2Priority’ on Android and iOS he feels he has a lot to share and teach when it comes to testing on mobile. Especially the technical aspect, with the wealth of tools out there, where is a tester to start? Richard aims to shed light on this during the class.

"I’ve taught parts of this course on many separate occasions, but yet to bring it all together as a three day class. I’m really excited about this, for me it’s taking my teaching/training journey to the next level. Three days is the perfect amount of time to provide an insightful learning experience to the level of detail that is demanded, I’m definitely up for the challenge. I had a fantastic three years testing on mobile, I can’t wait to share all the tips, tricks and tools I used with the attendees of the class. It’s going to be a fascinating three days."

- Richard Bradshaw

You can read the full description of the course and book online.