TestBash Essentials - a new one day conference
15th June 2018

by Rosie Sherry

You may have seen we announced our call for papers for TestBash Brighton 2019.  Within it we also announced TestBash Essentials - a new one day conference from Team MoT focused on more introductory ideas in software testing.

TestBashes have become renowned for our great talks (and other things too), but what I've personally noticed over time are the needs of different people.  Yes, it kind of sounds obvious when I put words to paper.  People have different needs and wants, which is why we came up with Test.bash() in Manchester for those after more technical software testing concepts.  It felt like there was still more to do.

I've always been aware of the lack of good resources and talks that cover the more basic ideas of testing, generally on the 'internet' and at conferences.  For conferences this is understandable, people don't submit the ideas because they don't think the ideas are 'new' enough.  And also, we often don't accept them either, as I've personally felt some would feel put off attending if the content wasn't advanced enough.

Our solution is to create TestBash Essentials - a one-day software testing conference focused on teaching those that are newer to testing ideas about testing in a really good way.  The ideas do not need to be new, they could be, however, it is more important that people who do not know a lot about testing should walk away feeling like they understand testing better.

In time, and as  (hopefully) we host more TestBash Essentials, we will end up developing a huge resource of talks that will help testers get to grips with any software testing concept.

I hope this will attract many new speakers to submit too.  I know many are reluctant to submit because they don't feel like their ideas are innovative enough.  

We are all testers. We can all teach something about testing. 

We hope you will submit and share what you know.

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