TestBash Home is Back!
5th March 2021

TestBash Home is Back!

Yes, you read that right, we’re bringing our 24-hour TestBash Home back again on 17th-18th June 2021. Registration is now open! We’re also looking for speakers, abstract reviewers, volunteers and sponsors.


Ever since TestBash Home 2020, you’ve been asking us when it would be coming back.

TestBash Home 2020 was an experiment, a light in the midst of lockdown around the world and what a light it was! When we started with the idea to run a 24-hour conference, we wanted to bring our entire global community closer together. We wanted to connect you all and give you something to talk about for a long time to come. Based on your feedback, we knocked it out of the park! 😁

This year, we’re planning to do even more of what you love. In true Ministry of Testing style, we’ll have some of what you expect and some surprises added in. There’ll be talks, interactive sessions, break out spaces, surprises and, of course, fabulous hosts.

Whether lockdown is still happening in your country or not, there’s no denying the good feels that an event like this will give you.

The Plan

TestBash Home will start on 17th June 2021 as a 24-hour rolling software testing conference. This means you can tune in when it best suits you. Don’t worry about missing sessions, we’ll be recording everything and making it available to all of the attendees on our website.

Not sure when this is happening in your region? Head over to the event page, it’ll show you the exact date and time based on your location.

How can you get involved?

We need you! We need members of the community to:

  • Submit talks
  • Help us to review the talks submitted
  • Volunteer to help on the day

Submit a talk

We’re looking for 30-minute talks on a range of topics and we pay all of our speakers for their time on stage too. Check out all of the reasons you should speak at TestBash.

If you’ve already got a talk in mind, head over to our continuous call for papers page to submit it. 

Got an idea for a talk but need help bulking it out? Ask for help in the speaking channel on our Slack group or over on The Club.

The deadline for talk submissions is 27th March 2021.

Review the talks

We’re proud to say that all of our TestBash lineups are decided by our wonderful community. Your reviews help us to make sure we’re putting on an event that you want to see.

Help us make sure the TestBash Home lineup is one you can’t miss by reviewing some abstracts. You don’t have to review them all, every little helps!

Volunteer to help

As with every TestBash, it takes a brilliant team behind the scenes to help make sure everything runs smoothly. For TestBash Home, we’re looking for approximately 10 volunteers from all over the world to help us.

Our volunteers will have a range of duties throughout the event from directing people to the right area in the online platform, sharing supporting links and helping us to ensure that the Code of Conduct is respected. You won’t be expected to stay online for the full 24-hours! We’ll need your help for 3-4 hours. In return, you’ll get access to the entire event and all of the recordings after.

Interested? Let us know on The Club where you are and what times you’d be available for and we’ll be in touch.

How to join?

TestBash Home 2021 is free for our Pro Members to attend. If you are a Pro Member, just make sure you're logged in and click the 'Register' button on the event page.

If you're not yet a Pro Member, not a problem! There are many ways you can sign up now to get access - we have monthly, yearly and enterprise options.

If going Pro is not possible for you or your company at the moment, you can also purchase a single access ticket for £75 per ticket.

Sponsor TestBash Home

As with every TestBash we are looking for those awesome community companies to sponsor the event. Contact testbash@ministryoftesting.com to find out more.