TestBash Manchester 2019 Is Live!
11th April 2019

Whoa, whoa, hold the door, TestBash Manchester tickets are live? Stop everything and get your tickets now!

On 30th September - 5th October 2019 TestBash Manchester is occurring in Manchester, UK. Super Early Bird tickets are on sale today so register now and grab yourself an absolute bargain!

TestBash Manchester has sold out for the past 3 years running and is expected to sell out yet again, so please bear that in mind if you are interested in attending this year. We don’t want you to get FOMO.

It’s going to be an action-packed 6-day extravaganza at The Lowry, filled with opportunities to learn, network, have fun, and of course, space to reflect on all that’s going on. Here’s the itinerary for the week:

Day 1-3: Pre-Training

We start the week on Monday 30th September with the three-day ‘Automation in Testing’ course with Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham. This workshop sold out at TestBash Brighton and received great feedback, so we’re offering it again! You can read all about the course over on the event page. The course tickets start from £1200 (Super Early Bird) inc VAT.

Day 3: Workshops

Next, it’s the workshop day on Wednesday 2nd October. We have six fantastic half-day workshops for you to choose from. All six workshops have lots to offer and are run by experts in our craft.

  • Using Dependency Mapping To Enhance Testing Techniques with Melissa Eaden
  • 10 Ways YOU Can Do Accessibility Testing with Deborah Lee
  • How Test Reporting Changes Your Testing with Elizabeth Zagroba and Joep Schuurkes
  • Contract Testing in Practice with Pact with Pierre Vincent
  • Mindbusters - Test Your Mind with Göran Kero and Maaike Brinkhof
  • Getting High Coverage Regression Tests Quickly with Emily Bache

Places are strictly limited for all workshops so don’t delay in booking, and when you do book, be sure to make your workshop selections ASAP!

Day 4: TestBash

Thursday 3rd October is TestBash day, a single track conference focused on software testing and quality with nine fantastic talks. We put in a lot of work to create our TestBash lineups, ensuring to focus on a balance of topics, diversity and speaker experience. This method has led to this fantastic lineup:

  • My Story of Kanban and Its Positive Impact on Testing with Conor Fitzgerald
  • Continuous Testing with Gary Fleming
  • A Code Challenge of Confidence with Elisabeth Hocke
  • Turning the Quality of Your Deployment Pipeline into a Team Task with Areti Panou
  • T-shaping a Development Team from a Tester Role with Simone Reichstein
  • How I Learned to Be a Better Tester Through Practising “Humble Inquiry” with Kwesi Peterson
  • Observability and Testing: Explore What's Happening Under the Hood with Pierre Vincent
  • The Wheels on the Bus Go Fail, Fail, Fail with Yong Yuen He and Daniel Smart
  • Threat Modelling: How Software Survives in a Hacker’s Universe with Saskia Coplans

Day 5: Test.bash();

Test.bash(); is back for it’s second, it will take place on Friday 4th October. a single track conference focused on more technical aspects of software testing and automation. Here are the fantastic speakers of Test.bash();.

  • Deploy Microservices Confidently Using Consumer Driven Contracts with Henrik Stene
  • So You Think You Know Appium Because You Know Selenium with Wim Selles
  • The Joy of Record and Playback in Test Automation with Louise Gibbs
  • World Without WebDriver? Automated Test Strategy for Modern Web Applications with Bart Szulc
  • Accelerate - the Science of DevOps - What You Need to Know with Emily Bache
  • Breaking Boundaries Using Charles with Suman Bala
  • Machine Learning with Bill Matthews
  • Plus one more to come!

Day 6: Open Space

We end the week with an Open Space on Saturday 5th October. Since doing our first Open Space at TestBash Manchester 2016, we’ve added Open Spaces to TestBash Germany and Brighton due to the high praise the community had for the format. For those not familiar with Open Spaces, we’ve elaborated on the format over on the event page. Briefly, it’s a great way to get a bespoke conference that meets your needs and fits your context as the whole Open Space is designed by the attendees on the day!


TestBash Manchester is expected to sell out for the fourth year running, be sure to get your tickets soon with conference day tickets starting at £349 and the workshops from £399. All the options and pricing tiers are available on the purchasing site.


So, there you have it! It’s going to be an epic six days, I really hope you can play a play part in TestBash Manchester. Be it as an attendee, a sponsor, a Professional MoT Member viewing recordings of the talks on The Dojo or helping Ministry of Testing spread the news of what promises to be a sensational event.