TestBash Is Back In Brighton
9th June 2019

TestBash Brighton 2020, The Year Feels Very Futuristic!

We’re entering our 9th year of TestBash-es, can you believe it?  Seriously, we’re pinching ourselves at how time has flown and how this idea of bringing people together through software testing conferences has quite literally gone global.

From tiny seeds, the community has come together to make software testing truly matter.  If you were part of the testing community or industry 10 years ago, have a think about how much it has changed!

In 2020, TestBash Brighton will be our first testing conference of the year.  And as always, we listen to your feedback, make tweaks and are improving as each year passes.

Here’s a roundup of what we are planning for TestBash Brighton

  • A full week of training courses, half-day workshops and our beloved single track conference day.
  • TestBash Essentials will be back on Thursday 26th of March and will be more hands-on, led by some of our awesome Software Testing Clinic hosts.
  • Our TestBash Workshop day will also be on Thursday 26th of March with 10+ half-day workshops to choose from.
  • TestBash Conference day will be on Friday 27th March, lots of great talks and of course the famous 99-second talks!
  • Plenty of community events and activities to choose from throughout the week.
  • Childcare will be back!  (Free childcare services for children of presenters!)

SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT... Yes, we're talking to you!

We will be accepting talks and workshop proposals until Friday, August 2nd, 2019.  Submit now!

  • Our events rely on the community, as both attendees and presenters.  We encourage you all to submit!
  • We’re looking for full day and half day workshops, these do not need to be new content.
  • For TestBash talks, we generally look for new talks.
  • Every talk is a keynote!
  • Don’t pay to speak! We cover expenses as a minimum and workshops get a £500 fee.
  • We take our Code of Conduct seriously.

Interested in sponsoring?  

Email brighton@ministryoftesting.com for more details.

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