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  • At The Ministry of Testing, we are constantly experimenting and evolving. We fail. We succeed. And then along the way we discover new things and ideas that we feel compelled to do. At the heart of the Ministry of Testing,...
  • 5th January 2016
    I Need Your Help
    I have this amazing thing in my hands and I need your help taking it forward. I’ve struggled the last year.  I had too much on my plate.  I tried to take some of it off, but it didn’t pan out.  So I’m now working on a new...
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    TestBash Manchester 2019

    Whoa! Hold the door, TestBash Manchester is back? That's right, the TestBash of North is back and this year is going to be amazing! Take a look at that lineup and book tickets now.

    TestBash San Francisco 2019

    Get your tickets now to be part of TestBash San Francisco 2019! The lineup is awesome, the venue has views for days, and the community vibe is unmatched! See you there?

    TestBash Germany

    TestBash Germany is back, this time with Workshops!