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  • February was short...OK bad joke, being the shortest month of the year and all.  Regardless of length, we've had a very busy month, with new events launched, new course and new content.      The Club A few selected...
  • Hooray, we're almost in April and into our first month of TestBash fun! Are we seeing you in Brighton?  If you are, you can find some folks introducing themselves over on Twitter .   The Club A few selected discussions...
  • The first TestBash of the year is over and it was a roaring success, getting us ready for the year of useful, insightful and utterly brilliant TestBashes ahead.   The Club A few selected discussions from The Club that...
  • TestBash season is in full swing with all  TestBash Software Testing Conferences now on sale ! This month, TestBash Netherlands took place in a new venue and all the awesome talks from this event will be available on the...
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    TestBash Germany is back, this time with Workshops!

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    Develop the technical tester in you this June in London.