What Best Practices Should You Sacrifice?

Weekly Software Testing NewsletteR: What Best Practices Should You Sacrifice?


I love using emojis to add tone to my written words. It does amaze me though how many applications don't test for emoji input. Emojis: A Critical Path For Testing article gives some interesting insight into how emojis could cause problems for your product.

- Heather, CommunityBoss

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Mike is joined by Syed Ali, Han Toan Lim and Crystal Preston-Watson to talk about how you can raise awareness of accessibility, build accessibility in earlier and generally educate your team about accessibility. 🎧

You're the first tester that's been hired, it's important not to isolate yourself and ensure you communicate often. Eduardo has some excellent tips to help you decide where to start and what to focus on. 👀

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What framework are you using for mobile automation? There are some interesting results shared so far. 📱

You don't always need to follow best practices to deliver a useful product to your customers. You might have to make some trade-offs along the way. ⚖️

There are some excellent videos shared so far for 30 Days of Agile Testing Day 3. Have you got some to add? 🎥

How much context switching are you doing in your role? Kim is looking for others to share their stories. 🤔

Is there a natural order you should consider the quality attributes? With so many quality aspects to think about during the fast-paced delivery of agile, some things can fall through the cracks. ⏩

How would you do peer reviews with your fellow QA team members? German is looking to improve knowledge sharing on their team, maybe you can help?

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How can you take advantage of Cypress' browser tests and add the power of automated Visual Testing with Applitools Eyes? Check out these code snippets to get you started.

What does "traceability" mean and why is it important for your requirements? Some interesting food for thought.

When you're trying out code changes, some can be great but for others, you might want to revert back to the original or a better version. Did you know you can manage all of this in IntelliJ? Corina tells you how.

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