Weekly Newsletter: What’s the biggest influencer for tool choice?

Weekly Software Testing Newsletter: What’s the biggest influencer for tool choice?

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5 Ways to Time Travel Test [Whitepaper]

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  • Testbash Netherlands - We're very excited, getting ready for our next TestBash!  We've workshops on Thursday and the conference day itself on Friday!
  • Automation Week Challenges - Automation week is a week focused on problem-based learning. Those problems are automation challenges and sessions where you get to ask experts for help with your automation problems.
  • Testing Ask Me Anything - Career Building - 8pm UK Time on 13th October.  Lena will talk about her experience with building and switching careers.  Lena will manswer any questions you might have!
  • MoT Dojo Watch Party - Episode #1 - JOIN US! - Each week Mark will pick a TestBash talk from the archives, stream it via Crowdcast and then have a half-hour discussion. The first event Watch party will be 19th October at 4pm BST and we will be watching Visualising Quality by David Evans.
  • What’s the biggest influencer for tool choice? - When it comes to deciding on a new tool, there can be a number of deciding factors at play.
  • Pre-TestBash Netherlands Meetup - Huib Schoots and Vincent Wijnen will host a super fun Pre-TestBash Meetup on Thursday and it's open to everyone!
  • TestBash Netherlands: Post-TestBash Meetup - Join us for beer and cheese tasting.  The perfect end to TestBash Netherlands. 

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Testing locale-specific code when you're stuck at your desk is like flying blind: you can't see where you're going

From our versatile testing solutions to our worldwide network of proxy servers, WonderProxy is built for localization testing. Squash those bugs and ship that next release.

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