Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 409

What testing story about risk could you share today? Plus many helpful business posts, questions from the community for you to answer and ways to get involved.

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What examples of risk support your testing?

Raj asked a similar question and I wondered, is it possible to share an example of risk in isolation? I can think of countless risks I've tested throughout my career yet to share them would require sharing the context for each risk. It reminded me that there's always a good opportunity for the testing community to share testing stories – and for those stories to describe both the context and the example. In case you'd like to dig into the topic of risk, there's a great selection of risk-related resources on the Ministry of Testing platform

Last week I was grateful to have conversations with Deborah Sherwood and Shaheen Sultana. We discussed what the testing community typically talks about and how such knowledge can support efforts to improve testing skills. Book a time to chat if you'd like to explore this together. 

Do you know the one web browser tab to rule them all? Ioan Solderea shares his joy for the Network tab in Developer Tools and why he thinks it's the best tab to use. How about you, is it the Network tab or something else?

And some very exciting news coming soon from MoT HQ. The TestBash lineups are on their way! Thanks once again to those who reviewed the abstracts. I've had the privilege of being part of the review team and it's been a pleasure to help finalise the lineups for TestBash Spring and TestBash UK. The talks/workshops will be of such high calibre. It felt good to advocate for new voices and people who are underrepresented in the testing community.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


Can you help?

  1. Julien would like to know how software testing affects code quality
  2. What is your most valuable skill as a tester?
  3. How can you help developers action pull requests? asks Juliet  
  4. Emna wonders what activities could ChatGPT help you with your testing
  5. How do you find out where your new team's understanding is of testing and quality? A great question from Ben
  6. Melissa would like your advice on testing a data migration.


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