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Automation In Testing

Want to take your automation to the next level? Read about the Automation in Testing mindset and practises

11 min read 5 articles
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  • My Automation In Testing Online Experience
    1 min read

    Find out how Mayura Taoself got on with the first Automation in Testing Online after winning a place through the The Ministry of Testing Scholarship.

  • 30 Days of Automation in Testing
    1 min read

    30 Days of Automation in Testing Challenge... let's do this!

  • The Building Blocks Of A UI Test Automation Framework
    6 min read

    Learn about what a UI Automation framework is and how it's built in this Testing Planet article from Mark Winteringham

  • Should You Create Automation For Each Negative API Scenario?
    3 min read

    Learn whether we should automate all our negative API scenarios in this article from Mark Winteringham on the Testing Planet

  • TestChat 2: Discussing Automation in Testing
    0 min read

    Check out the awesome discussion that took place in our second #TestChat on the topic of Automation