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The Testing Planet 2016

All our testing articles from 2016.

245 min read 22 articles
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  • Exploratory Testing an API
    22 min read

  • Ideas On How To Succeed As A Tester
    13 min read

  • How To Use Mind Maps To Develop Clarity With Your Software Testing Strategy
    12 min read

  • 60 Powerful Heuristics to Bust a Testing Groove With By Simon Knight
    1 min read

    Need some testing inspiration? Read these 60 Powerful Heuristics by the awesome Simon Knight!

  • How to Train Up a New Software Tester
    14 min read

  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Teamwork for Software Testers
    26 min read

  • How to Explore with Intent - Exploratory Testing Self-Management
    17 min read

  • The One Page Test Plan
    16 min read

  • Learning Through Volunteering: Testing For The Experience
    17 min read

  • Three Digestible Diagrams to Describe Exploratory Testing
    11 min read

  • Testers: The Origin Story
    12 min read

  • When Your Mentor Moves On:
 Dealing with A Change In Ideal Leadership
    6 min read

  • Top Browser Extensions For Testing Software
    12 min read

  • 6 Practical Ideas to Stay Creative in Software Testing
    9 min read

  • What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face In 2016?
    10 min read

  • 10 Great Questions from Tester to Architect
    1 min read

  • What Do Software Testers Do? (Version 0.1)
    5 min read

  • 6 Questions To Ask Before Releasing Software
    8 min read

  • Managing Your Relationships – Relationshipping Your Manager
    12 min read

  • The Icky and Good Words In Software Testing
    1 min read

  • What I Learned Pairing On A Workshop
    12 min read

  • How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Management
    8 min read

    Got a few spare minutes? Come and read The Testing Planet article "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Management" By Ben Kelly